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The Ocean Youth Club was founded in 1960 by Chris Courtauld and the late Chris Ellis and has since taken well over 100,000 young people to sea.

Since the year 2000, the Ocean Youth Club has operated as a number of separate regional Ocean Youth Trust charities. To find out about current activities, please select one of the regions below.

OYT Scotland


Alba Venturer - OYT Scotland

Alba Venturer

OYT North East


James Cook - OYT North

James Cook


OYT South logo

Prolific - OYT South


OYT Ireland


Small boat fleet - OYT Ireland

Small boat fleet


The four regions are all represented within a national charity, Ocean Youth Trust UK, which helps with co-ordination when required. OYT UK maintains this portal website.

Former Ocean Youth Trust regions

A number of other OYT regions have operated at times since 2000, but have since ceased to exist as registered charities. Any successor organisations have no connection with Ocean Youth Trust UK or the regional OYT charities listed above.

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